dELiA*s $10 Deal!

it’s my favorite time of the year at dELiA*s.

try on any pair of jeans in store and get a free $10 gift card*!

you cannot believe how many people ignore me when i tell them (i’m not strange, i work there). today this girl purchased a tunic for 34.50. if she just tried on a pair of jeans she could have purchased the tunic for only 24.50. silly girl. but it’s such a great deal i wish i didn’t work there so i could use the coupon. pull on a pair of jeans and BOOM! ten free dollars. honestly, why wouldn’t you?

so go! the coupon expires July 26 so hurry. tons of new fall merchandise is out! (i’ll be posting a review on a lot of the clothes next week).

*coupon is NOT valid on any clearance items and your purchase must be a minimum of $10.

Jen :)


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