style by Kate Spade

I should be polishing my resume and hunting for internships for next summer, but instead I’m reading style by Kate Spade.  It’s a really cute, watercolor-illustrated book, with tons of little witty tips in style – not just in fashion, but in furniture, movies, music, art, and the likes.  I, of course, really appreciated the style section and Kate’s advice, however dated it may be (the book was published in 2004).  As Coco Chanel once said, “Trends come and go, but style is eternal.”

As a sucker for all colors, especially bright colors, I’m often victim to mismatching the wrong things, and perhaps taking too much of a risk with the rainbow.  I’m a true believer that one can wear all the colors of the rainbow and still be fashionable.  But with Kate’s practical advice, one can mix and match colors and look eternally classy.

So here are some of the tips I’ve gathered, with some self-created visual aids, thanks to Polyvore.

Green Kate Spade

Color Combinations: Green & Aqua, Green & White, Green & Coral

How About…

  • Green suede gloves peeking out from under the sleeves of a riding jacket?
  • Picking up your aunt at the airport in olive green leather pumps and a camel hair coat?
  • Easter lunch in a kelly green silk tunic and Ted Meuhling jeweled earrings?

Pink Kate Spade

Color Combinations: Pink & Orange, Pink & Brown, Pink & Turquoise

How About…

  • A watermelon-pink raincoat to brighten up a damp April day?
  • A pink beaded evening gown for a grand party, similar to the one that Jackie Onassis wore to the opening of the Mona Lisa exhibit at the National Gallery of Art, in 1963?
  • A pink Vera silk scarf tied loosely in your hair – perfect with white jeans, a white T-shirt, and a 1967 Schwinn bicycle?

Yellow Kate Spade

Color Combinations: Yellow & Green, Yellow & Navy & Pink, Yellow & Black & White

How About…

  • A wide-brimmed yellow straw hat to shield a freckle-prone nose from the sun?
  • A buttery-colored cashmere scarf tied snugly at the neck of a charcoal peacoat?
  • Golden dahlias printed on a circle skirt, worn with a navy cable sweater on a cold and snowy day?

Orange Kate Spade

Color Combinations: Orange & Pink, Persimmon & Navy, Orange & White

How About…

  • A little boy’s striped T-Shirt paired with Helmut Lang trousers and white Converse low-tops?
  • Opaque tangerine tights, a heather gray minidress, and short black patent leather boots for a showing of A Clockwork Orange?
  • A persimmon maillot under a sarong covered with swirling orange, red, and pink hibiscus?

Blue Kate Spade

Color Combinations: Turquoise & Tangerine, Navy & Watermelon, Sky Blue & Taupe

How About…

  • A navy-and-white striped sailor shirt worn with a bold rose print skirt?
  • A chunky turquoise necklace with your beau’s crisp white shirt and black Capri pants – ideal for lunch on the Piazzetti Umberto?
  • A pair of blue seersucker pants and bare feet for the ferry ride to Shelter Island on a hot summer night?

Red Kate Spade

Color Combinations: Red & Canary Yellow, Red & Navy, Coral & Pink

How About…

  • A fire-engine-red cotton sundress and black heels for dinner in the garden at Raoul’s?
  • Walking through Tuileries in geranium-and-white striped mules?
  • Scarlet red mittens for making perfectly round snowballs?

Brown Kate Spade

Color Combinations: Mocha & Pink, Taupe & Chocolate Brown & Cornflower, Brown & Black & White

How About…

  • Slipping on a mocha silk charmeuse sheath dress for the ballet.  Add some sparkle with Kenneth Jay Lane’s pink, amber, and multi-stone cocktail ring. Call it a night?
  • Tweed, tweed, tweed.  Look smart in an espresso tweed blazer flecked with coral and raspberry and cinched at the waist with a leather bridal belt?
  • A set of deep chocolate leather luggage with amethyst crocodile trim.  Travel to an exotic locale?

Black Kate Spade

Color Combinations: Black & White, Black & Green, Black & Turquoise

How About…

  • Heading downtown with a zebra print bag holding the evening’s necessities – Cherries in the snow red lipstick, keys, and a $100 dollar bill?
  • A Martin Grant raincoat in black poplin. Fasten a bug pin on the lapel.  Wear it over black cigarette pants and don’t worry about what you’re wearing underneath – keep your coat on all day?
  • Wrist-short ink-black gloves trimmed with ostrich feathers for an evening at the opera?

White Kate Spade

Color Combinations: White & Black, White & Kelly Green, White & Green & Pink & Turquoise

How About…

  • Bold white sunglasses and a green-and-white striped scarf, neatly folded and tied snugly on the front of your forehead, for an afternoon at the U.S. Tennis Open?
  • A crisp look for the hostess in summer – a white linen shell and one long strand of pearls, tied in a loose knot, worn over French marine blue carpris.  Go barefoot?
  • Wearing all white just because it’s sunny?

I hoped you enjoyed this post, because it took a long ass time to write it. :)
Love, Phebe


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  1. elle & ish

    I am lovin’ this post! :) I really like the jacket in black and yellow set.

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