dELiA*s Products Review

so i finally walked into delia’s as a customer and not an employee today and made good use of my discount :) . i bought three pairs of jeans because, i swear, no other company makes jeans that fit me this well. i also took this opportunity to try on a bunch of their apparel so i could let you guys know how everything fits (because pictures online don’t always translate to real life). here are a few of my favorites: delias_fallsummer1) Elisa Plaid Shirt (39.50)
these shirts come in almost every color in the rainbow and are super comfortable. they’re great for all four seasons; wear it over a tank top, over a swimsuit, under a blazer, you name it. the cost is a bit hefty but there are tons of coupons, in-store deals, and online codes to push down the price!
2) Morgan/Taylor Jeans (Seattle Wash) (49.50)
delia’s has three new washes this season, nyc tint, boston wash, and the seattle wash. the nyc tint is similar to the copper tint (which i already have), so i only picked up the boston and the seattle wash. i really love the seattle wash (shown in the picture) which is unique because it’s one of delia’s destroyed denim lines. thank you delia’s for making stretchy, comfortable, flattering jeans :)
3) Vivienne Solid Slub Tank (19.50)
these tanks are so cute. they have a baggy fit so layering is a really good idea with these tanks. they come in four different colors (violette, turkish teal, fresh olive, turkish coffee – love these color names) and they are 2 for $25 (you can mix and match with the boy tanks and camis!)
4) Helena Flecked V-neck (24.50)
5) Livia Super Skinny Belt (19.50)
delia’s has finally started selling belts and they’re great quality! they have all kinds of belts so definitely check them out. personally i went for the livia super skinny belt.

finally, they also have amazing bags for relatively inexpensive prices. i’m not a bag girl myself but for those of you who own a closet full of bags, delia’s bags are definitely worth checking out.

always, jen


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