It’s only at night when I really miss you.

i went outlet shopping with my madre and padre today. i remember i used to go all the time when i was younger and the outlet was full of people carrying around their huge bags of loot. now there are only a few people going in between stores; it felt really empty. :( nevertheless i took the opportunity to shop shop shop. my favorite stop is calvin klein (and there was a 70% off summer sale)! i got some black dress pants for college; i’ve gotta have a pair if i’m going into business! i also picked up two lovely lovely shirts for under $10, one is pictured in the above picture and the other is a purple patterned tank with pleating detail. i love you mr. klein. i also stopped by the j.crew outlet store which is heavenly priced compared to their retail stores. their clothes are so soft and elegant you can’t help but try everything on. the clothes aren’t completely my style but i always enter the fitting room, arms full of cashmere cardigans and chinos, and pretend for a few minutes that i’m a luxurious woman on vacation in italy or greece. shopping is such good therapy.


necklace simply vera vera wang
pleated t-shirt calvin klein
skirt metropark
lace belt hang ten


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