Que Pasa, New York?

14i absolutely love trips to the city, especially when the weather is nice. unfortunately the weather was sub-par. :( nevertheless i had fun with my good friend, rob. he’s not fond of pictures but luckily he was nice enough to take some pictures for me and even pose for quite a few. he makes for a pretty good model if i do say so myself! (he would kill me if i posted any of his shots). i wore my new brown crocodile sandals from urban outfitters (luckily i already broke them in from a day of working at delia’s). i should’ve chosen better shoes though since we ended up walking quite a few miles.

neither rob or i had brought umbrellas for this unpleasant weather (although the rain and wind were very very refreshing) so we bought a cheap black umbrella for only $5. as you can see from the above picture that umbrella didn’t hold up so well to the storm. rob cursed it out and threw it away when we got to the movie theater.  alas! another $5 wasted. i was perfectly happy with my free copy of The Onion as a source of protection.  he called me stubborn until i joined him under the umbrella ;)

why, oh why, do i have such chubby cheeks?

why, oh why, do i have such chubby cheeks?

mother and children :)

mother and children :)

14_1we were going to have a late dinner at the boathouse in central park but apparently places are harder to find when it’s dark out. but on the bright side i finally got one of those rare chances to go thrifting! i got an urban renewal vest for only $10! i have to admit though, the horse graphic on the back is pretty funky! i’ll have pictures eventually.

half burnout t-shirt urban outfitters
jeans delia*s
brown crocodile sandals urban outfitters


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  1. Thanks for passing by NQQxxx and showing some love <3

    Hope your next visit will be shortly & I've added Second Skins to by blog list :-)

    Much love


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