So, before work today, I made a quick run around the mall to shop for some things I need.  Judging by the fact that I’ve been shopping all summer, need doesn’t seem to be the right word to use.  But, I have neglected to get summer footwear…yes, I haven’t managed to get a pair of decent flipflops or gladiator sandals until now.  Also, with the popularity of these lariat necklaces and bright statement ones, I couldn’t help but pass up on the Buy 10 for $10 deal at Claire’s.
I promise some jewelry pictures soon, but for now, my new comfy shoes!

Nadia Ring Sling, $12.99

Nadia Ring Sling, $12.99

Skipper Canvas Fringe Sandal, $8.00

Skipper Canvas Fringe Sandal, $8.00

I took this picture several days ago, and thought to myself, if I wore this on a date, I’d scare my date away with all the romanticism in the outfit!  Anyway, here’s the pic!


ivory lace tie-back shirt [kohl’s – $5], rose crossback bubble dress [wetseal – $15], red patent belt [a’gaci – came with dress], metallic cutout platforms [target – $7]

Okay, so last part of this multi-function entry!  I was at work today when I realized we had so many more markdowns on handbags!  My mom really needs to retire her little shoulder-strap handbag that I bought for her when I was…12…that now only 12-year-0lds and my mom, carry.

It looks better in person, the material.

It looks better in person, the material.

In black and khaki, which color?

Similar to above, only different style.

Similar to above, only different style.

Also in Black and Khaki.

After weighing the Pros and Cons of each bag, which is really function vs. style – Bag 1 is a zipper-close while Bag 2 is a snap-close, Bag 2 looks more stylish than Bag 1.  Opinions?  (These handbags come to about $12.00 with my discount! :))



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2 responses to “Temptation.

  1. Oooh….love your outfit! Especially the lacey top underneath your dress. A little bit of sexy without showing too much! And great shoes!!

  2. secondskins

    just because i can, imma vote and say bag two =)

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