Catwoman with an Owl Belt.

I’ve been sucked into work and online videos for the past few days, but I have been checking up on this blog – well mainly reading Jen’s posts as she’s been keeping it alive.  That’s what I love about this joint blog.  Not only is it a way for me to connect with my best friend, but always having the motivation to keep you readers updated because we wouldn’t let you or each other down.  So with that said, I’ve noticed that some of you have been searching for the Silence and Noise Piped Highwaist Leggings that I wrote about several posts ago, stating that I had bought myself a pair in black for 5 bucks. :)

And this…is how I wore it!

I love the back of this cami. <3

I love the back of this cami. <3

For those of you that follow me either on this blog, or weardrobe, or even lookbook, you guys can probably see this isn’t in my normal girly, vintagey, romantic way of dressing.  But, I guess, it was an experiment.  I’m a bit self-conscious about my lower abs/hips area, actually that would be an understatement, so I tried to minimize it with the monochrome, and drawing attention to my considerably thinner waist.  But for you girls that are blessed with thin hips and beautiful modelesque bodies, please, go all out and wear the leggings high waisted!

green and black neon pop lattice cami [urban outfitters – $5], vintage owl belt [mom’s hand-me-downs], black silence & noise piped highwaist leggings [urban outfitters – $5], black riding boots [mom’s hand-me-downs]


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