Bury My Heart on the Jersey Shore

173trips to the beach make me super happy, even when i’m being the third wheel to one of my best friends and her boyfriend. :) at least i got to wear my new shoes (unionbay) and my new shirt dress (cotton express). i also wore my new fishy necklace (forever 21) which i’m absolutely obsessed with! it was a day for new things, except for my old bikini, which i love anyway.

094i look awkwardly silly in this photo to the left, only because i feel uncomfortable posing for pictures taken by someone else. i was afraid to smile for school pictures between grades 2-5! i finally smiled with my teeth in 8th grade. it must be all that puberty and teenage angst going on during those elementary and middle school years. glad that’s over with :)

i’m going to the beach again with an old friend, i’m so excited! i got a weird tan selling lemonade back in april and i’m determined to get rid of my strange tan lines! wish me luck!

292296here’s a close up of my beloved fishy necklace:
336i probably love it so much because i have real fishies of my own :)


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