Frolicking in the Forest


I went to Allaire State Park the other day in Southern NJ with one of my best friends. We decided to have a photoshoot and we changed in the backseat of the car (very sketchy? i think so). the sun was almost setting by the time we arrived and luckily we were able to make it in before the park closed. thank goodness for friendly police officers!


Please excuse my face in the above picture. I look quite stupid and creepy, but it shows off my new bag! I’ve never been a bag person but recently I decided that I’ve had enough of losing money and licenses and that bags are quite practical. Therefore, ta da! My first legit bag. No more canvas bags for me! :) My bag searching adventure was a success! Also…excuse my hair. I was at the beach all day before I went to the park so it’s quite sandy and beachy.
19_5a ton of my pictures were blurry because i apparently never stop moving to pose for a nice picture (which isn’t true since we got at least one..or two).  i took some pictures of my friend as well. i made her dress up so she looks very out of place in the midst of trees, streams, and crazy itchy weeds. she looks more at home near the historical, brick building. she calls her dress her “sex in the city” dress.



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  1. love love love those tights and the way the pattern contrasts with the plaid dress!

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