Sometimes, a beginning feels like an ending.

I’m going to get a little personal with you readers here.  This past year, I’ve sort of been in a relationship rut.  Lots of bad things happened early on in college that made me lose faith in guys, lose faith in love, and pretty much lose faith in myself.  It took me a really long time to get over all of it, and this guy I met at work this summer helped me, in the most unexpected way.  Anyway, I just came back from a date with him, and it went beautifully.  I just can’t help but feel sad that we have to say goodbye like this.  We’re of two separate worlds, leading two separate lives.  Thus, a beginning of something good felt like an end.

With that said, here’s an outfit that might express my mood a bit (I did not wear it on the date!):


black zip back mesh tunic [urban outfitters – $5], silver heart locket [things remembered/gift from roommate], black 3-buckle wide belt [5-7-9 – $5], black burnout rose tights [urban outfitters – $5], black ankle boots [mandee – $11]


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One response to “Sometimes, a beginning feels like an ending.

  1. i love the tights!

    i’m a great believer that the way we dress usually depends on our mood and state of mind. it can work another way too. if you’re feeling sad, wear something colorful and cheerful and you’ll find yourself in a better mood :).

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