We’ve been lazy bloggers.

Sorry for the lack of updates in the past week!  Jen, as all of you know from her wonderful pictures, has been touring the wonderful Europe with her family, while I’ve been busy moving in and starting classes!

Also, sadly, I can’t take my awesome sister/photographer to school with me, so I’m currently in the process of hunting down some friends to be temporary photographers.  It’s definitely been sad that I put together 3 outfits in the past few days but did not get a single picture of me in them. :(  But no more, I shall definitely post some pictures soon!

Later today, I will be making a post on dorm organizations/how to keep our burgeoning wardrobes neat in these confining spaces at school.  So stay updated if you want a peek at my closet! ;)


Alright, as promised, a little section about organization. :)  Whether you’re cleaning up your closet at home or trying to cram everything into your dorm room at home, there’s always a few useful items to help out.

1. A shoe organizer.

If you’re a girl with more pairs of shoes than you can count, then you definitely should consider in investing in one of these.  There are several nice options at Target such as:

An over-the-door shoe organizer
An over-the-door shoe organizer
A hanging shoe organizer.
A hanging shoe organizer.

Check out my very own!

Check out my very own!

2. A purse organizer.

For you ladies with an enviable bag collection, this would keep it nice and neat. :)  Also at Target:

A hanging handbag organizer.
A hanging handbag organizer.

3. Drawers to store foldable clothes in.

3-Drawer Unit, to put at the bottom of your wardrobe.
3-Drawer Unit, to put at the bottom of your wardrobe.

4.  Mini Wall Hooks and Jewelry Stands/Jewelry Boxes.

Pictures aren’t needed for those, but if you’re thinking of cutting the costs even further…

  • Use drawer knobs as necklace hangers.
  • Use a painted vase to pile on the bracelets and bangles.
  • Use a piece of mesh wire as an earring holder, and frame it for an artsy look!

5.  Lastly, organize your clothes in some orderly fashion -either by type, style, or color.

A peek at the inside of mine! :)

A peek at the inside of mine! :)

Enjoy, Phebe



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2 responses to “We’ve been lazy bloggers.

  1. haha, i have one of each styles of shoes organizers, and i still have to stick all my boots under the bed. too many shoes!!

  2. OMG, my closet is a nightmare.

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