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Greetings from Europe! (pt.9)

so i’m really loving my photography classes and learning how to develop negatives and work in the dark room. it’s so much more rewarding than digital photography in a way. :) and now without any further delay, more europe pictures…

Day 8: Prague, Czech Republic

017as usual i’m keeping it pretty casual since i’m walking all over prague. this outfit was perfect for that long train ride from vienna to prague. i haven’t worn leggings in a long while and these were so comfortable. :)
042these candies were amazing. my dad got a few and i tried taking pictures of the 2-3  candies in his hand; the guy giving them away saw me and asked if i wanted to take a picture of all of them. i think i fell in love with him at that very moment haha :)
062this is a lovely view of prague from the powder tower :)
188i splurged on this scarf at Mexx. I couldn’t help it and I would never usually buy something so pricey but i had to have it! I didn’t do it justice in this picture since I just whipped it on but it has ruffles down it. There’s a better picture of it in a very future post, but trust me, it’s gorgeous!
(black cardigan delia*s, navy tunic forever 21, gray leggings zara, flipflops old navy, scarf mexx)

jen :)



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Girls Night Out!

So, I’ve been a total lamebutt and dying to post an actual fashion post instead of a…this is my life, and this just happened to be the outfit I wore that day kind of post (see previous post). :P
Tonight, I went with couple of the girls in my dorm for dinner, frozen yogurt, and of course, some shopping!  We did a mini Secret Santa for each other…and got each other little gifts under $10 within the two hours we spent shopping.  There was some speed shopping involved. ;)
I ended up buying a beige/white piped boyfriend cardigan from New York & Company for myself, and burnt red braided flipflops from Urban Outfitters for my friend Kelle.  From my friend (though most of you recognize her as my college photographer) Kay, I received this Christmas plaid s/s open cardigan from Urban Outfitters.  I swear it’s pretty unique. :)  Nevertheless, some pictures from today!  Pictures that were taken to be actual fashion shots! :D


CIMG3271I tried to get some cool jumping shots for y’all…but I’m sort of a fail at those.  Next time, I promise, the trampoline will do the trick. :)

CIMG3274And with some of my favorite girls – Kay (first time the photographer’s in photos!), Kelle, Me, and Laura.

white rib tank [wetseal – $4], yellow crochet tunic (worn as dress/jumper) [mandee – $7], siena braided belt [mom’s hand-me-downs], magenta long summer scarf [ny&company – $6], orange quilted chain purse [target – $6], gold woven sandals [payless – $13]


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Rainy Rainy Days

It’s been really rainy in Houston the past few days – and with tests/general busy-ness for both my photographer and I, I just haven’t gotten around to updating.  While a true fashionista should break out some sick rainboots and cute umbrellas, I have been too occupied running around in heels from class to class and passing out on my books. :P  Though I was not going to upload this outfit post, Jen suggested that I do.  I figure I can’t leave y’all hanging, right? :)

So the post-that-was-not-going to be posted!  At my university there’s this annual tradition in which roommates set their roommates up on blind dates, and at  a certain time, everyone gets dressed up in cute costumes and meet at one place.  Typical examples include a plug and an outlet, PB&J – though there have been creative ones like Juno, Charlie the Unicorn, etc.  This year, my suitemate had me dressed up in black and white (though the consensus at the end of the night was that I embodied music).  She called it a very “Blair” Outfit – so here’s to that!

CIMG3236With a group of my friends outside our dorm.  CIMG3239With my date within a minute of finding him.

The night was super fun, since it was with an awesome group of people.  But back to fashion blogging. :)

gold pearl leaf earrings [H&M/Gift From Jen], gold owl necklace, [Forever 21 – $5], black lace cami [old navy – $5], white ruffle s/s blouse [5-7-9 – $3.50], black 3-buckle wide belt [5-7-9 – $5], black and white watercolor pencil skirt [H&M – $10], black and white bow peep toe kitten heels [payless – $7], sky blue snakeskin mini tote [express/gift]

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Greetings from Europe! (pt.8)

i have so many readings for my classes: articles about chinese literature, human ecology articles, photography articles, and chapters of financial accounting. and wow, i just noticed how spread out my schedule is in terms of subjects. :)

Day 7: Vienna, Austria

172don’t mind my hair; it’s a complete and utter mess, i know. silly wind :(
i love this outfit because it’s comfortable and great for running around and taking tourist pictures, haha. and i’m pretty sure i wore out these shoes during this eurotrip. can’t help but be in love with them :)
193these two were adorable. if only i was wearing gold to match them ;)
and finally below is the famous Danube river:
236i’m off to do some intense reading now. until next time!
always, jen

(sweater gap, shorts forever 21, necklace forever 21, belt italian leather market, sandals unionbay)


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Greetings from Europe! (pt.7)

Not much of an update, college is alright. I hung out with one of my high school friends who just transferred from her old college; it was pretty awesome :) Anyway, more Europe pictures! (do they never end??)

Day 6: Vienna, Austria

007I was pretty damn tired that day (since I took a night train from Vienna) so I put little effort into my outfit. It was comfortable and at that point comfort was all that mattered. Hopefully the accessories made up for the simplicity (I seemed to love that belt in Europe ever since I bought it, huh?)

040080gorgeous palace. i love this picture because i captured the clear reflection. :)
cutting this one short because i’m exhausted.

until next time, jen
(black tank old navy, gray tank american apparel, jeans delia*s, belt italian leather market, shoes unionbay, bag liz clairborne, dove necklace vatican museum)


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True Friends vs. Best Friends

I should technically be doing my homework right now, but of course my heart’s in writing this entry.  For everyone in college, I think it’s fair to say we make good friends really quickly.  Recently, I discovered how easily they’re made and how easily they go.  I was really close to this one girl last year, so much that I considered her one of my best friends ever.  This year, however, she’s been distant to the extent of an acquaintance.  It’s sad to say that I find the friendship nearly unsalvageable at this point.  On the other hand, I’ve made several new friends whom I consider to be some of the most genuine and sweet people I’ve ever met.  One of them, in fact, is my photographer! :)  That’s led me to this conclusion, those who you may think to be a best friend may not necessarily be a true friend in the end, and those who may not be your best friend may indeed be a true friend.  Sometimes, we’re lucky enough to find both in one person, as I’ve found in Jen. :)

Anyway, on to photos.  I haven’t worn a dress in a long time – maybe because it’s really hard to jazz it up and create an outfit around one.  Today, I thought I’d give it a go.  I had several compliments on my outfit, so I think I might just wear dresses a little more often now. :)


After an inspiring art class, I felt the urge to try to be graceful in my pictures.  Unfortunately, I’ve failed miserably and look like I’m missing a limb. :P

CIMG3233Alright, I have a confession.  This is totally not my bike.  In fact, I don’t even know who’s it is.  But whoever’s it is, thank you so much for letting me use it as a prop for this picture. :)

dark floral chiffon dress [kohl’s – $9], magenta summer scarf [ny&company – $6], black tank [china], orange pumps [payless – $10]

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Greetings from Europe! (pt.6)

There isn’t too much going on in my life right now, just classes, homework, and clubs. It’s not too hectic since I’m slacking and only taking 12 credits this semester, but my procrastination habits are bringing me down.
And now continuing with Europe…

Day 5: Venice, Italy

Venice Thursday 022
My second day in Venice involved barely any walking since my dad and my brother insisted on taking the city bus…or should i say boat. :) Boat rides are super relaxing with the waves crashing and the sun shining down. If only NJ Transit incorporated boats into their modes of transportation.Venice Thursday 043The gondolas in Venice were absolutely gorgeous; I swear you could get married in one. There’s dark red and gold cushions and tassles and it’s just amazing. I don’t think I’d ever ride in one though since the prices are ridiculously high.

My mom was being really cute that day when I asked her to take my pictures for this blog. She saw a random alley way and told me to walk so she could get some shots. I think she was more into it than I was. :)
Venice Thursday 051Venice Thursday 063(If only I had a boat like the one above…)
We revisited St. Mark’s Square in the day time. It’s still very romantic but more lively (and obviously brighter). My mom went camera happy here too while the male members of the family stood around waiting. :P
Venice Thursday 107Venice Thursday 111Venice Thursday 117I finally noticed that their street lamps were pink! How gorgeous is that?
Venice Thursday 153Until next time! :)

– Jen

(dolman shirt delia*s, gray tank american apparel, jeans delia*s, sandals unionbay, bag liz clairborne, belt italian leather market)

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