Greetings from Europe! (pt.3)

so classes started today and i just got back from my first class: introduction to world literature. it seems pretty interesting and not too boring but only time will tell right? i know a few people in that class so i’m pretty excited. i have human ecology in a few hours with one of my old friends so that’ll be interesting despite the subject. :)

now time to continue my european diary :)

Day 3: Pisa & Florence

pisa is gorgeous, let me just say that. seeing everything in person versus seeing something through your own eyes are two completely different feelings.
Pisa, Florence, Venice 008Pisa, Florence, Venice 036the humidity in italy didn’t do much for my hair. can anyone say sun damage? i should really use some kind of spf leave-in conditioner.
Pisa, Florence, Venice 027hellooooo mr. leaning tower of pisa. or would it be ms. leaning tower?

next we took a short train to florence which is a really beautiful city. a lot of stores, perfect for shopping (although i didn’t shop due to the male members of my family). :)
Pisa, Florence, Venice 057there’s a booty shot for you guys. i got to break in my converses from all of the walking. i’m not one to take good care of anything material so my shoes got pretty dirty. at least i didn’t fall into a puddle of mud (which i tend to do in heels).
Pisa, Florence, Venice 058Pisa, Florence, Venice 062above is the beautiful Palazzo Vecchio; it used to be a huge meeting area back in the day where annoucements would be given. i saw the copy of the infamous David. if you look closely in the picture you can see David looking oh-so-handsome in the shadows.
Pisa, Florence, Venice 102one last note: why are trees in italy so freaking gorgeous??? new jersey has plenty of trees, but none like the ones in italy.

until next time, jen

( cardigan delia*s, tank urban outfitters, shorts pacsun, necklace vatican museum, sneakers converse, fringed bag liz clairborne)


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  1. very cool. i especially love the background of such a blue sky! what’s on the syllabus for the world lit class?

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