Greetings from Europe! (pt.4)

college has been awesome so far. my classes are pretty awesome (i’m already starting to procrastinate), i have fridays off (thank god) and i’m meeting a bunch of new people. i hope it stays this fabulous :)

i’m going out in a little while to a frat party (not my favorite) with two of my favorite boys on the floor. we have a pretty bad ratio but i know someone who’s an ultimate creeper who will let us in ;) now continuing with europe!

Day Four: Florence, Italy

Pisa, Florence, Venice 139standing on the ponte vecchio bridge. it was super crowded and most of the stores were jewelry stores. the morning sunlight made for some gorgeous photos:
Pisa, Florence, Venice 114i saw a few people painting the bridge a distance away. it looked so relaxing. sometimes i wish i could just wake up, sit next to a river, and paint all morning :)

Pisa, Florence, Venice 110this pose isn’t natural haha. i was copying a statue outside of the uffizi gallery (not pictured). the line was really long so i snapped a shot or two. florence is such a lovely city.

until next time!

(pink tank forever 21, white tank urban outfitters, floral skirt wet seal, boyfriend cardigan delia*s)


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  1. Italy looks beautiful! Love your skirt!

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