Greetings from Europe! (pt.5)

so it’s been about two weeks at college and it’s a lot different than last year. i’ve met a bunch of the freshmen on the floor and the ones i’ve met so far are awesome. i have to admit it’s nice being a sophomore instead of a freshman ;)

i’m currently taking a honors seminar called Physics and Photography and I had to buy a manual camera (Promaster) that i’m still figuring out how to use. On Sunday I have to develop my own negatives and I’m pretty damn scared. Especially loading the film from the camera into the light tight canister in pitch black darkness. wish me luck! :)

Now to continue on with my Europe Trip (I still have so many more outfits to go!)

Day 4 (Night): Venice, Italy

The second part of my fourth day was spent in Venice. We got there in the evening and the sun was setting. Our hotel room had a view of the grand canal and it was just absolutely breathtaking.

Pisa, Florence, Venice 157

view from my hotel room

Out of all the cities I went to in Europe, Venice was definitely my favorite. Venice was even more gorgeous during the night time. St. Mark’s square was full of gondolas, soft lighting, live classical music, and couples walking hand in hand and stealing kisses from one another. Even my brother had to admit that Venice was one of the most romantic places on earth. :)

st. mark's square

st. mark's square

Pisa, Florence, Venice 203(not wearing any make-up, way too tired that night)
Pisa, Florence, Venice 229the shot above isn’t that amazing since i was in a hurry to get the father with his child dancing to the live music. :)

looking gross on the rialto bridge :)

looking gross on the rialto bridge :)

and i’ll end with a picture of the grand canal from the rialto bridge. why are night pictures so difficult to take? practice makes perfect i guess.
Pisa, Florence, Venice 179until next time, jen

(beige sweater zara, belt italy, ruffle skirt f21, necklace vatican museum, sandals unionbay)


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  1. SO amazing!!! I’m seriously shaking with envy! And your outfit is so great! I love the neutral top with the floral skirt.

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, Jen! I really appreciate it. You’re right….we should all live our OWN lives to the fullest! And I better remember that daily!

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