Greetings from Europe! (pt.10)

I just had my first midterm of the semester and I’m so glad it’s over. Accounting is absolutely no fun whatsoever (at least to me). Let’s continue on with my europe pictures (they’re neverending?!):

Day 9: Prague, Czech RepublicPrague 041once again, keeping my outfit simple. (who wants to travel and run around with heels and massive amounts of jewelry?) ;) I love these shorts to death, so basic/casual yet it adds a little bit of classy to every outfit. i’m standing on the gorgeous charles’ bridge and you can see the prague castle behind me in the distance.
Prague 063i’m for sale :) thought that was funny…sorta.
Prague 162
Prague 081isn’t the scenery gorgeous? it’s my view from the grounds of prague castle.  well enough of that, i’m off to my human ecology class then dinner with a huge group of people from my dorm. :)



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  1. ahhhh prague is SO BEAUTIFUL!

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