It’s My Birthday…

…and I can dress however I want to.

Actually, it was my birthday yesterday, but for the sake of the reference. :)  My wonderful suitemates took me to Chloe Dao’s Fall 2009 fashion show at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Houston.  The theme was “Destruction, Death, and Rebirth”, and the night was filled with pretty outfits – not only worn by the models.  It’s nights like these I wish I had an SLR camera.  My point-and-shoot and not the best position in the crowd lead to some pretty bad shots.  Nevertheless, here are some of my favorite looks:






And what was I wearing, you ask?  Something crazy, of course!  I bought this skirt a while ago at Forever 21 and had absolutely no idea when I was going to wear it.  Yesterday was totally one of the best opportunities to. :)

CIMG3375Along with my always polished and fashionable suitemate. :)
White Plastic Aviators [Claire’s – $0.50] Flower Earrings [China] White S/S Ruffle Blouse [5-7-9 – $3.50] Green Taffeta Ruffle Skirt [Forever 21 – $12] Navy and Pink Polka Dot Ruffle Pumps [Payless – $7.50]



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2 responses to “It’s My Birthday…

  1. Happy birthday!!!!! That is so fun!! Wish I could’ve gone…. :)

  2. ahhhh what a wonderful way to celebrate ur birthday!!!

    happy belated :)

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