Goodbye, Autumn.

i’m up way later than i should be studying for an exam in a subject i have no particular interest in. i love college.

the weather is getting really rainy and really cold really fast. i feel like we’re skipping over autumn and going straight into winter. it’s time to start layering and bringing my winter clothes to college. i’m already out of room in my closet and drawers. time to start piling clothes on the floor!


(Plaid Shirt Wet Seal, Red L/S A&F, Jeans Delia*s, White Pashmina, Moccassins Minnetonka)



Filed under What I Wore: Jen

2 responses to “Goodbye, Autumn.

  1. MJ

    I really like how your sleeves poke out of the ends of the blazer – this isn’t something I’ve tried before and I kind of want to now since it looks so good on you! Kind of looks cosy… :)

  2. oooo, i love the cozy casual chicness of this look!!! awesome outfit! you have done the layering perfectly.

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