Simple and Spooky

I haven’t been able to get many shoots lately, which is a pity to the outfits I come up with everyday, due to midterms and homecoming week planning.  It has finally cooled down here in Houston, from the nasty 90 degree humid weather to a breezy and perfect 75.  The first day of this weather, I decided to dress for the occasion.  Kay took some absolutely amazing shots, although I did get some weird looks from people.


Blue Shirt Dress [A’GACI – $12], Brown Tortoise Sunglasses [Forever 21 – $6], Gold Leaf Pearl Drop Earrings [H&M/Gift From Jen], Vintage Owl Belt [Mom’s Hand-Me-Downs], Gold Woven Sandals [Payless – $13]

CIMG3383That is completely natural sunlight, unedited photo right there.
CIMG3385Closeup of the Owl Belt.

That’s all for now chicas, it’s back to work for me. =/



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6 responses to “Simple and Spooky

  1. qin

    I love how you spice up the outfit wit a belt :D

  2. i am so in love with that belt!

    also i feel you on getting shots in – i wear things i want to post every day, it’s just a matter of having time to actually get a few shots done! i don’t want to post any super lame looking photos…


  3. totally agree with Monica! this blue is awesome. and the belt is to die for.

  4. you look so great in that dress ! beautiful dress . and i adore the belt . so super unique . love it !

  5. omg your belt is soo cute :D
    love it !!


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