It’s Summer. Wait, What?

So for the past few days it’s been ridiculously rainy, windy, and cold. The weather has been in the 40s and I’ve been piling on layer after layer. All of a sudden, starting yesterday, it’s been warm…up to the 70s.  i mean, i’m not going to complain as long as the weather stays this nice.

wait, i just checked the weather. it’s back down to the 50s and it’s rainy today. ohh bipolar weather, stop messing with my emotions :(

003my large, blue, ruffle mexx scarf is the love of my life. you guys saw it before in my prague post but i found a new way to wear it…as a cardigan! :) it’s cozy and warm and humongous that i never want to take it off. most of my friends at college are guys and they’re all like “what is that thing? it’s fucking huge!?” but i love it nevertheless.
yay for awkward self-portraits in my dorm room. you can see my closet to the right of the picture. i keep my room messy, just the way i like it. until next time! hopefully the weather will be a little more under control. :)

(scarf mexx, tank top american apparel, belt wet seal, jeans delia’s, shoes urban outfitters)

– jen



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8 responses to “It’s Summer. Wait, What?

  1. Sami

    (thanks for the comment!)

  2. Amy

    I love how you wore this scarf- very cute idea!! You look so adorable.

    Thank you so much sweet comment on my blog. :)


  3. thank you so much for reading and linking my blog! :) i love it!

    i know what you mean about seasons changing and not being what you expect, we have complete opposite seasons, but it’s supposed to be autumn over here and its winter (or it feels like, at least!) rainy, cold, windy. yuck!

    look forward to reading your blog too!

  4. That’s such a good idea! I”ll have to try that…except I don’t think it’ll look as good as yours! :(

  5. qin

    The scarf looks so comfy :D

  6. I’m lovin the enormous scarf!

  7. I love how you’re wearing that as a cardi! I want to try that, now I need a giant scarf lol =)

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