These are a Few of my Favorite Things

i just realized…i have two huge loads of laundry washing in the basement and i still have enough clothes in my room to wear a different outfit for at least two months. i really want to donate some to charity but i’m one of those people that can’t bear to part with anything. i still have all my homework assignments from elementary school and middle school stashed in my basement at home! i mean really, when am i going to ever need those ever again, let alone look at them?
023this was one of my comfy outfits. the only problem with it, was the excessive amount of wind that day lifting up my flimsy skirt. whoops :P i love these tights that i got a few weeks ago. the color is gorgeous as well as the pattern. Elaine from Clothed Much actually has these tights too!
029030shown above are some of my all time favorite things: my bird necklace (great memories) and these flats from blowfish. i’m pretty sure these flats are worn out to the point where i need new ones, but i can’t part with them. they’re just too comfy and perfect. <3

(jacket pacsun, shirt wet seal, skirt wet seal, belt wet seal, tights forever 21, shoes blowfish, necklace forever 21)

love always, jen



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8 responses to “These are a Few of my Favorite Things

  1. haha i know exactly what you mean about the clothes – i have a full closet and a full dresser where i’m living now, plus a full closet and a full dresser in my normal apartment in cleveland… plus like two weeks of laundry! every time i go to clean them out & donate, i think of new ways to wear things i haven’t worn in months… it’s a vicious cycle!


  2. I am the same way with clothes! I’m like, well, I might wear that… one day… Plus, fashions really do come back around, so… Your outfit is fantastic!

  3. Hehe, love your tights… :) And I’m jealous you have that many clothes!! Share the love, Jen!! ;)

  4. I can’t bear to part with my clothing either! Lovin’ the tights and the Mexx scarf from your last post :]

  5. holly

    i L-O-V-E your style!

  6. Cute outfit! And that necklace is gorgeous :)

  7. OMG i love your tights!
    i was looking at them on the f21 website and you just convinced me to get them :)

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