This is Halloween

so i have to admit that my halloween (and my mischief night) was full of non-stop drama, but regardless of all that i had a great time dressing up and hanging out with my friends.  (at least i think i did since i don’t really remember most of it…;) )

on halloween night i dressed up as meeko (the raccoon from pocahontas) and my friend patrick dressed up as flit (the hummingbird). unfortunately we didn’t have a pocahontas but it was awesome anyway.

087the size ratio isn’t quite right :P he’s an adorable flit, isn’t he? you can see my tail in the photo below (my favorite part of the costume).
119 086133

I hope you guys all had fabulous Halloweens as well. What’d you guys dress up as? (I’d love pictures!) :)

Until Next Time, Jen



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7 responses to “This is Halloween

  1. What a cute little raccoon you made!

  2. D

    adorable cat costume!

  3. You are TOO CUTE!!!! I love this awwww =)

  4. CUTE!!! You and your friend are so CUTE together! Anything going on there?? ;)

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