Sore Throat.

I’m still in love with my giant blue scarf, but I decided to wear it around my neck this time rather than as a cardigan. I tucked it into my belt to keep it in place (and to show off the buckle). :) The warmth around my neck is also helping since I have a sore throat. Mucinex is my best friend for the next day or two.

(blue scarf mexx, l/s shirt heritage 1981, belt italy, skirt metropark, tights hue, flats payless)

lots of love and mucinex, jen :)



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9 responses to “Sore Throat.

  1. So cute!! Seems like everyone is wearing blue & gray, I think they look so good together!

    Booo to sore throats, but at least you look fabulous! ;-)

  2. cute a simple outfit. sorry to hear about the sore throat! its been the same for me the last few days too :(

  3. You look beautiful,darling!Perfect outfit!

  4. Hope u feel better soon and wow, this outfit is soooo chic!!!! : ) xxx

  5. Hey, thanks for the comment you left on my blog. Love yours! & this outfit is adorable.
    Do you want to exchange links?

    ♥ Hannah



  6. feel better! i love that outfit!!

  7. i love this simple and classic outfit. you did a great job accessorizing too

  8. holly

    Oh this is perfect. I had never thought about tucking a long scarf on a belt that works so right.

  9. MJ

    That is such an epic scarf. I am totally in love with it!

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