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Modern Threads

Do you love American Apparel or Alternative Apparel with a passion? Do you throw away hundreds of dollars buying their clothing or spend countless hours wishing you had the guts to throw away that kind of money to buy their clothing? THEN STOP SPENDING AND STOP WISHING because i have the perfect solution for you! :) modern_threads_screenshot

MODERN THREADS is an online apparel store that sells brand name clothing for less! Some of the brand names include American Apparel, Nike, Hanes, Alternative Apparel, Adidas, etc. I especially love this website because I love American Apparel but it’s pretty pricey for a college student.

They’re able to sell their clothes so cheap because all their clothing items are stored in-house, providing customers with faster and cheaper shipping costs! The only con I could find is you can’t find every single American Apparel item; they only sell a select few in select colors. It’s still worth checking out though!

(click screenshot for site)

Here are two examples of items offered by Modern Threads:

modern_threadsalways, jen



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