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My New Holey Tights :(

About two months ago, Jen bought me these lovely pair of side-ripped tights from Urban Outfitters.  The catch is, they only look side-ripped, but they’re perfectly intact.  When I put them on this morning, perhaps in a bit of a rush, I accidentally tore a huge hole in the side of one leg.  While I brainstormed ways to make it look uniformly distressed, I put on a pair of boots to cover the hole up.  Don’t you hate it when you ruin something you love wearing – especially when it’s the first time you’ve worn it?  I figured, the tear would be even LESS worth it if I didn’t at least get a picture in it.  I caught Kay on her way back to class and voila!


Maroon and Beige Pattern Sweater Vest [Heritage 1981 – $6], Black Asymmetric Tank [A’GACI – $3], Beige Shorts [KMart], Black Side-Ripped Tights [Urban Outfitters/Gift From Jen], Black Leather Riding Boots [Mom’s Hand-Me-Downs]

CIMG3425At least I finally learned how to play pool today. :)



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Simple and Spooky

I haven’t been able to get many shoots lately, which is a pity to the outfits I come up with everyday, due to midterms and homecoming week planning.  It has finally cooled down here in Houston, from the nasty 90 degree humid weather to a breezy and perfect 75.  The first day of this weather, I decided to dress for the occasion.  Kay took some absolutely amazing shots, although I did get some weird looks from people.


Blue Shirt Dress [A’GACI – $12], Brown Tortoise Sunglasses [Forever 21 – $6], Gold Leaf Pearl Drop Earrings [H&M/Gift From Jen], Vintage Owl Belt [Mom’s Hand-Me-Downs], Gold Woven Sandals [Payless – $13]

CIMG3383That is completely natural sunlight, unedited photo right there.
CIMG3385Closeup of the Owl Belt.

That’s all for now chicas, it’s back to work for me. =/


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Colors, colors, and more colors!

Thanks to the wonderful Kay I’ve got some more pictures today. :)  After finishing all most of my work in the past three days, I decided it was time to take a break, do something fun, and get dressed up a little. :)  To accommodate my good mood, I thought, why don’t I just pile on all the brights I own?

I had several questions as to why I was so dressed up/if I was going anywhere.  I’m going to take that as a sign of I haven’t been dressed up enough – though there have been several people around campus that have noticed me from far away because I’m one of the few girls that wears heels pretty much everyday.  So, I’ll have to kick it up a notch in dressing up. :)

CIMG3211I suppose I liked the angle of this shot…almost looks like I’m hiding behind the tree, no?CIMG3213I chose this picture for Jen, as proof to how much running up 5 flights of stairs everyday several time can do to my previously very flabby legs.  Only the rest of my body is unproportionately flabby now…

CIMG3215Closeup of my jewelry.  Inspired by my suitemate Eva, I’ve become a cocktail ring girl. :)

neon orange necklace [claire’s], turquoise & black kanga dress [a’gaci – $5], yellow geometric belt [5-7-9 – $5], orange pumps [payless – $10], red heart cocktail ring [forever 21 – $4], black jeweled flower cocktail ring [charlotte russe – $4]

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So, before work today, I made a quick run around the mall to shop for some things I need.  Judging by the fact that I’ve been shopping all summer, need doesn’t seem to be the right word to use.  But, I have neglected to get summer footwear…yes, I haven’t managed to get a pair of decent flipflops or gladiator sandals until now.  Also, with the popularity of these lariat necklaces and bright statement ones, I couldn’t help but pass up on the Buy 10 for $10 deal at Claire’s.
I promise some jewelry pictures soon, but for now, my new comfy shoes!

Nadia Ring Sling, $12.99

Nadia Ring Sling, $12.99

Skipper Canvas Fringe Sandal, $8.00

Skipper Canvas Fringe Sandal, $8.00

I took this picture several days ago, and thought to myself, if I wore this on a date, I’d scare my date away with all the romanticism in the outfit!  Anyway, here’s the pic!


ivory lace tie-back shirt [kohl’s – $5], rose crossback bubble dress [wetseal – $15], red patent belt [a’gaci – came with dress], metallic cutout platforms [target – $7]

Okay, so last part of this multi-function entry!  I was at work today when I realized we had so many more markdowns on handbags!  My mom really needs to retire her little shoulder-strap handbag that I bought for her when I was…12…that now only 12-year-0lds and my mom, carry.

It looks better in person, the material.

It looks better in person, the material.

In black and khaki, which color?

Similar to above, only different style.

Similar to above, only different style.

Also in Black and Khaki.

After weighing the Pros and Cons of each bag, which is really function vs. style – Bag 1 is a zipper-close while Bag 2 is a snap-close, Bag 2 looks more stylish than Bag 1.  Opinions?  (These handbags come to about $12.00 with my discount! :))


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Bright Green Blazer

I’ve been sucked into watching online TV for the day, and indulging in more food than I should be.  I have to say that’s a happy combo though. :)  While I let my video load, here’s an outfit I feel really cheerful in.



green l/s blazer [5-7-9 – $3.50], black asymmetrical ruffle tank [a’gaci – $3], vintage black owl belt [mom’s hand-me-downs], vintage black and white floral circle skirt [mom’s hand-me-downs], black and white bow peep toe kitten heels [payless – $7], yellow quilted chain purse [target – $5]

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A Bit Floral, A Bit Red

I’ve been taking a lot of pictures with my sister this weekend, all of which I’ll upload eventually.  After yesterday’s excruciating long post, I’m a bit pooped out to say much, so I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves. :)



gray l/s open cardigan [forever 21 – $15], dark floral s/s tee [h&m – $5], red patent belt [a’gaci – came with dress],  black origami pencil skirt [charlotte russe – $8], silver stilettos [payless – $20], black & white silk striped scarf [china]


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