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Black Friday Madness!

So after the Turkey and indulgence in fat last night, I thought it’d be appropriate to walk all that fat off by shopping!  I mean, pushing through people to get to sales, moving racks and racks of clothes back and forth – that’s some serious calorie burning right there! ;) I decided to abandon my trusty heels for this occasion, because let’s face it – there’s no way I’ll walk fast enough in those.
gray dolman sleeve shirt [charlotte russe – $5], black and white striped silk scarf [china -gift], black tights [target – $6], blue corduroy shorts [walmart – $5], black studded braided skinny belt [wetseal – $3], black flats [wetseal – $7]

I bought a boyfriend blazer and denim a-line skirt at 5-7-9 for a total of $10 – a totally sweet deal.  My sister got me some cute green tights for christmas that I’ll be debuting soon.  Lastly, I got these plum colored moccasins at Payless that I’ve been coveting quite a while now.  I promise pictures in the near future. :)



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It’s getting chilly here…

…and chilly, by Houston terms, means about low 60s.  Nevertheless, you’ll find natives around here wearing big heavy jackets, prepared for the “winter”.  I decided to give this furry hoodie a second chance – I was just about to give it away until I realized that it was one of the few “transition” jackets I had.  I was impressed that it managed to go well with some of my more fashionable items of clothing – and the fact that it managed to match my hard to match heels.
hunter green faux fur hoodie [joujou – $17], cream embroidered tank [wet seal – $5], brown beaded necklace [charlotte russe – free], teal woven belt [forever 21 – $3.50], boho print skirt [wet seal – $4], brown tights [target – $6], hunter green mary jane heels [payless – $10]
A close-up of the heels.  I had to make my photographer practically lie on the ground to get a pic of these.  She’s absolutely wonderful.  Also, Kristania of monochromachic has the same pair – be sure to check her out, the girl’s got great style. :)
A closeup of the necklace.  It came with a top, so  I guess it’s technically free. ;)


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Esperanza 2009

Esperanza, as said in my previous post, is the annual fall formal held on campus.  This year, I helped plan it!  So…I guess it’s fair to say it was a huge deal to me.  Unfortunately, I was running around being busy about half the night – so I didn’t get a lot of pictures in.  I said to my suitemate, though, I need an outfit picture for my readers! :)

CIMG3453Salmon Chiffon Tiered Dress [Charlotte Russe – $24], Silver Leaf Earrings [Forever 21/Gift from Jen], Silver Stilettos [Payless – $20], Silver Skinny Belt [Forever 21 $2.25]


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How many outfits do I go through a day?

Far too many.

Part of having a fashion blog almost guarantees shopaholicism for me.  At the same time, I’m lucky that I own as many clothes as I do because I average about 4 outfits a day.  The “going to class” outfit, the “lounging around” outfit, the “hanging out with friends” outfit, and the “hanging out with a certain boy” outfit”.  That’s of course, not including the “working out” outfit and the “going to sleep” outfit.
Yesterday I went shopping with my photographer Kay.  My Esperanza (fall formal dance on campus) dress finally arrived in the mail (though it needs lots and lots of ironing).  Therefore, I found it an opportunity to go and buy a silver belt to match it.  Kay and I trekked to XXI with limited time and bought home few things, but of course, wanted a whole bunch.

Here’s the “going shopping” outfit for yesterday:

CIMG3436I couldn’t take too many pictures, as this was downtown Houston – which means lots and lots of strangers from the real world and not the sheltered bubble I’m used to being in.
The earrings I wore are my favorite pair, and I promise a closeup for y’all next time. :)

mustard braided flutter sleeve shirt [charlotte russe – $5], teal braided belt [forever 21 – $3.50], black and white floral button skirt [mom’s hand-me-downs], sky blue crocodile print mini-tote [express/gift], metallic cutout platforms [target – $7]


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Colors, colors, and more colors!

Thanks to the wonderful Kay I’ve got some more pictures today. :)  After finishing all most of my work in the past three days, I decided it was time to take a break, do something fun, and get dressed up a little. :)  To accommodate my good mood, I thought, why don’t I just pile on all the brights I own?

I had several questions as to why I was so dressed up/if I was going anywhere.  I’m going to take that as a sign of I haven’t been dressed up enough – though there have been several people around campus that have noticed me from far away because I’m one of the few girls that wears heels pretty much everyday.  So, I’ll have to kick it up a notch in dressing up. :)

CIMG3211I suppose I liked the angle of this shot…almost looks like I’m hiding behind the tree, no?CIMG3213I chose this picture for Jen, as proof to how much running up 5 flights of stairs everyday several time can do to my previously very flabby legs.  Only the rest of my body is unproportionately flabby now…

CIMG3215Closeup of my jewelry.  Inspired by my suitemate Eva, I’ve become a cocktail ring girl. :)

neon orange necklace [claire’s], turquoise & black kanga dress [a’gaci – $5], yellow geometric belt [5-7-9 – $5], orange pumps [payless – $10], red heart cocktail ring [forever 21 – $4], black jeweled flower cocktail ring [charlotte russe – $4]

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New Photographer!

Dear Readers,

Sorry I’ve been so incredibly lame on updating.  With the transition back into college, school work, meeting new people – there just hasn’t been time to find someone to take pictures for me.  But none of that anymore!  One of my “tower neighbors” (because we’re the only suite on the 5th floor, therefore our only neighbors live below us), Kay, offered to take pictures for me!  She is just the sweetest girl ever, and shares my love for fashion! :)  Oh, not to mention that she has great photography skills too – of course, my sister Dora isn’t too bad either for her age. :D

Nevertheless, I present to you a long overdue outfit post.  I promise more of these, more frequently in the future.  Meanwhile, Jen’s Europe pictures look amazing, don’t they?  I’m still incredibly jealous she was touring beautiful cities while I was cracking down on work. :P

CIMG3202I look a bit silly in the face, but oh well. :)

CIMG3203My favorite picture that she took.

white bolero [wet seal – $3], yellow tank [delia*s/gift from jen], black origami pencil skirt [charlotte russe – $8], navy & white floral scarf [china], black patent peep toe slingbacks [kmart – $12], blue snakeskin mini tote [express/gift]

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“Because you light up every time you see him.”

Says my coworker in reference to the guy I mentioned in the last post.

The past few days have been an unhappy few, as I’ve realized sometimes stories are just supposed to be 3 pages long.  Sometimes, if you try to add a 4th page to it, you end up ruining the beautiful story you had. Thank goodness Jen’s been keeping the blog alive. :)

Nevertheless, here’s an outfit I have yet to muster up the courage to wear outside.  I most likely will find something to put over my shoulders, or something to go under the skirt.

I will remember to remove the tag next time, I promise!

I will remember to remove the tag next time, I promise!

gray mesh crossback chain tank [urban outfitters – $5], blue patent belt [rainbow – came with jacket], gray twill button skirt [charlotte russe – $3], silver stilettos [payless – $20], dream dog tag [claire’s/gift from jen]

I promise I’ll be a better blogger and blog more often the next few days.  Jen is going to Europe in another few weeks, so someone (me!) has to keep updating to keep you readers reading!  She’ll take beautiful pictures for y’all while she’s there, and I will personally hunt her down if she doesn’t. :P

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