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Black Friday Madness!

So after the Turkey and indulgence in fat last night, I thought it’d be appropriate to walk all that fat off by shopping!  I mean, pushing through people to get to sales, moving racks and racks of clothes back and forth – that’s some serious calorie burning right there! ;) I decided to abandon my trusty heels for this occasion, because let’s face it – there’s no way I’ll walk fast enough in those.
gray dolman sleeve shirt [charlotte russe – $5], black and white striped silk scarf [china -gift], black tights [target – $6], blue corduroy shorts [walmart – $5], black studded braided skinny belt [wetseal – $3], black flats [wetseal – $7]

I bought a boyfriend blazer and denim a-line skirt at 5-7-9 for a total of $10 – a totally sweet deal.  My sister got me some cute green tights for christmas that I’ll be debuting soon.  Lastly, I got these plum colored moccasins at Payless that I’ve been coveting quite a while now.  I promise pictures in the near future. :)



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It’s My Birthday…

…and I can dress however I want to.

Actually, it was my birthday yesterday, but for the sake of the reference. :)  My wonderful suitemates took me to Chloe Dao’s Fall 2009 fashion show at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Houston.  The theme was “Destruction, Death, and Rebirth”, and the night was filled with pretty outfits – not only worn by the models.  It’s nights like these I wish I had an SLR camera.  My point-and-shoot and not the best position in the crowd lead to some pretty bad shots.  Nevertheless, here are some of my favorite looks:






And what was I wearing, you ask?  Something crazy, of course!  I bought this skirt a while ago at Forever 21 and had absolutely no idea when I was going to wear it.  Yesterday was totally one of the best opportunities to. :)

CIMG3375Along with my always polished and fashionable suitemate. :)
White Plastic Aviators [Claire’s – $0.50] Flower Earrings [China] White S/S Ruffle Blouse [5-7-9 – $3.50] Green Taffeta Ruffle Skirt [Forever 21 – $12] Navy and Pink Polka Dot Ruffle Pumps [Payless – $7.50]


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True Friends vs. Best Friends

I should technically be doing my homework right now, but of course my heart’s in writing this entry.  For everyone in college, I think it’s fair to say we make good friends really quickly.  Recently, I discovered how easily they’re made and how easily they go.  I was really close to this one girl last year, so much that I considered her one of my best friends ever.  This year, however, she’s been distant to the extent of an acquaintance.  It’s sad to say that I find the friendship nearly unsalvageable at this point.  On the other hand, I’ve made several new friends whom I consider to be some of the most genuine and sweet people I’ve ever met.  One of them, in fact, is my photographer! :)  That’s led me to this conclusion, those who you may think to be a best friend may not necessarily be a true friend in the end, and those who may not be your best friend may indeed be a true friend.  Sometimes, we’re lucky enough to find both in one person, as I’ve found in Jen. :)

Anyway, on to photos.  I haven’t worn a dress in a long time – maybe because it’s really hard to jazz it up and create an outfit around one.  Today, I thought I’d give it a go.  I had several compliments on my outfit, so I think I might just wear dresses a little more often now. :)


After an inspiring art class, I felt the urge to try to be graceful in my pictures.  Unfortunately, I’ve failed miserably and look like I’m missing a limb. :P

CIMG3233Alright, I have a confession.  This is totally not my bike.  In fact, I don’t even know who’s it is.  But whoever’s it is, thank you so much for letting me use it as a prop for this picture. :)

dark floral chiffon dress [kohl’s – $9], magenta summer scarf [ny&company – $6], black tank [china], orange pumps [payless – $10]

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New Photographer!

Dear Readers,

Sorry I’ve been so incredibly lame on updating.  With the transition back into college, school work, meeting new people – there just hasn’t been time to find someone to take pictures for me.  But none of that anymore!  One of my “tower neighbors” (because we’re the only suite on the 5th floor, therefore our only neighbors live below us), Kay, offered to take pictures for me!  She is just the sweetest girl ever, and shares my love for fashion! :)  Oh, not to mention that she has great photography skills too – of course, my sister Dora isn’t too bad either for her age. :D

Nevertheless, I present to you a long overdue outfit post.  I promise more of these, more frequently in the future.  Meanwhile, Jen’s Europe pictures look amazing, don’t they?  I’m still incredibly jealous she was touring beautiful cities while I was cracking down on work. :P

CIMG3202I look a bit silly in the face, but oh well. :)

CIMG3203My favorite picture that she took.

white bolero [wet seal – $3], yellow tank [delia*s/gift from jen], black origami pencil skirt [charlotte russe – $8], navy & white floral scarf [china], black patent peep toe slingbacks [kmart – $12], blue snakeskin mini tote [express/gift]

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I’m packing my life in a suitcase…

More like in trashbags and random boxes from the short 40 minute drive from my house to college. :)  I guess it’s a fun move for me, but it’s nothing like moving from city to city in Europe – which is what Jen’s doing right now.  This will be my last “What I Wore” for a while, as I find a new photographer/photographers at college.  I’m sure y’all would appreciate the change in scenery though!  So until I show off my newly purchased items (Speaking of which, I’ve spent nearly $500 on clothes and such this summer…), here’s what a friend of mine calls the “modern Audrey Hepburn look”.  Black is forever in, isn’t it?

CIMG2983I wore this dress backwards!  Inspired by Angelina Jolie and her BCBG of course. :)

kenneth cole reaction black sunglasses [tjmaxx – $10], black and white silk striped scarf [china], gray mesh chain tank [urban outfitters – $5], black zipper ruffle dress [wet seal – $7], black 3-buckle wide belt [5-7-9 – $5], black gloves [china], black &white bow peep toe kitten heels [payless – $7]


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A Bit Floral, A Bit Red

I’ve been taking a lot of pictures with my sister this weekend, all of which I’ll upload eventually.  After yesterday’s excruciating long post, I’m a bit pooped out to say much, so I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves. :)



gray l/s open cardigan [forever 21 – $15], dark floral s/s tee [h&m – $5], red patent belt [a’gaci – came with dress],  black origami pencil skirt [charlotte russe – $8], silver stilettos [payless – $20], black & white silk striped scarf [china]


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Colors Galore!

So…I backed out my original plan of visiting my college friends today and instead spent a day in front of this laptop, that is, when I wasn’t taking pictures with my sister. :P  Here’s the results:



Let’s ignore the fact that my sister almost shot up my skirt. :P

blue short trench [rainbow – $5], white sheer ruffle blouse [5-7-9 – $3.50], yellow geometric belt [5-7-9 – $5], brown eyelet mini skirt [mandee – $6], silver and pink jeweled necklace [china], orange pumps [payless – $10]

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