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Finally 19

It doesn’t feel that different being 19 (especially since i kept on forgetting if i was 18 or 19 for the past few months haha). My birthday has been amazing so far and I’m so grateful for all of the amazing friends i have. I love surprises and can’t get enough of them :D
(top free people, vest urban outfitters, jeans delia’s, ruffle flats payless, jacket american rag )

until next time, jen



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A Little Bit Classy

Yesterday the birthday of one of my best friends.
269I decided to dress up a little to celebrate.

(blazer macy’s, shirt urban outfitters, jeans delia’s, shoes blowfish)

Happy Birthday, Robin.


p.s. Happy Halloween to all of our Readers! Have a safe night out tonight and look forward to Costume Pictures! ;)


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It’s Summer. Wait, What?

So for the past few days it’s been ridiculously rainy, windy, and cold. The weather has been in the 40s and I’ve been piling on layer after layer. All of a sudden, starting yesterday, it’s been warm…up to the 70s.  i mean, i’m not going to complain as long as the weather stays this nice.

wait, i just checked the weather. it’s back down to the 50s and it’s rainy today. ohh bipolar weather, stop messing with my emotions :(

003my large, blue, ruffle mexx scarf is the love of my life. you guys saw it before in my prague post but i found a new way to wear it…as a cardigan! :) it’s cozy and warm and humongous that i never want to take it off. most of my friends at college are guys and they’re all like “what is that thing? it’s fucking huge!?” but i love it nevertheless.
yay for awkward self-portraits in my dorm room. you can see my closet to the right of the picture. i keep my room messy, just the way i like it. until next time! hopefully the weather will be a little more under control. :)

(scarf mexx, tank top american apparel, belt wet seal, jeans delia’s, shoes urban outfitters)

– jen


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Greetings from Europe! (pt. 11)

The weather is getting really cold here in Jersey. Today the high is 55°F so i’ll be layering like crazy. I love the cold (unless it’s windy). :) Anyway, this will be my last Europe post; sad, i know, right? But I’ve condensed both my Berlin outfits into this last post. Enjoy!

Day 12: Berlin, Germany

079075(Burnout Tank Urban Outfitters, Shorts Zara, Dove Necklace Vatican Museum, Bracelet Italian Leather Market)
056the picture abonve is one of my favorite pictures i took in germany. you can see the Brandenburg Gate in the background.  I just wish that extra sign wasn’t in the picture but oh well. :) and below are remaining pieces of the Berlin Wall:

Day 13: Berlin, Germany (Final Day in Europe)

183180I love the above picture (an graffiti ad for the berlin philharmonic).
225(gray tank american apparel, white tank urban outfitters, vest urban outfitters, jeans delia’s)

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Greetings from Europe! (pt.10)

I just had my first midterm of the semester and I’m so glad it’s over. Accounting is absolutely no fun whatsoever (at least to me). Let’s continue on with my europe pictures (they’re neverending?!):

Day 9: Prague, Czech RepublicPrague 041once again, keeping my outfit simple. (who wants to travel and run around with heels and massive amounts of jewelry?) ;) I love these shorts to death, so basic/casual yet it adds a little bit of classy to every outfit. i’m standing on the gorgeous charles’ bridge and you can see the prague castle behind me in the distance.
Prague 063i’m for sale :) thought that was funny…sorta.
Prague 162
Prague 081isn’t the scenery gorgeous? it’s my view from the grounds of prague castle.  well enough of that, i’m off to my human ecology class then dinner with a huge group of people from my dorm. :)


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Greetings from Europe! (pt.9)

so i’m really loving my photography classes and learning how to develop negatives and work in the dark room. it’s so much more rewarding than digital photography in a way. :) and now without any further delay, more europe pictures…

Day 8: Prague, Czech Republic

017as usual i’m keeping it pretty casual since i’m walking all over prague. this outfit was perfect for that long train ride from vienna to prague. i haven’t worn leggings in a long while and these were so comfortable. :)
042these candies were amazing. my dad got a few and i tried taking pictures of the 2-3  candies in his hand; the guy giving them away saw me and asked if i wanted to take a picture of all of them. i think i fell in love with him at that very moment haha :)
062this is a lovely view of prague from the powder tower :)
188i splurged on this scarf at Mexx. I couldn’t help it and I would never usually buy something so pricey but i had to have it! I didn’t do it justice in this picture since I just whipped it on but it has ruffles down it. There’s a better picture of it in a very future post, but trust me, it’s gorgeous!
(black cardigan delia*s, navy tunic forever 21, gray leggings zara, flipflops old navy, scarf mexx)

jen :)


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Greetings from Europe! (pt.7)

Not much of an update, college is alright. I hung out with one of my high school friends who just transferred from her old college; it was pretty awesome :) Anyway, more Europe pictures! (do they never end??)

Day 6: Vienna, Austria

007I was pretty damn tired that day (since I took a night train from Vienna) so I put little effort into my outfit. It was comfortable and at that point comfort was all that mattered. Hopefully the accessories made up for the simplicity (I seemed to love that belt in Europe ever since I bought it, huh?)

040080gorgeous palace. i love this picture because i captured the clear reflection. :)
cutting this one short because i’m exhausted.

until next time, jen
(black tank old navy, gray tank american apparel, jeans delia*s, belt italian leather market, shoes unionbay, bag liz clairborne, dove necklace vatican museum)


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