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New Clothes, New Ways

The past couple of days have been fun but busy.  On Friday, I went to the Houston Galleria with some of my favorite girls, and I decided, why not try something refreshing and new?  I had bought this cardigan several weeks ago in the clearance section of NY & Company.  It was definitely a little big for me, but I thought, I’ll have to make it work somehow.  I gave it a go as a dress, how does it look? :)


Beige Piped Boyfriend Cardigan [NY & Company – $9], White Plastic Aviators [Claire’s – $o.50], Gold Pearl Drop Leaf Earrings [H&M/Gift From Jen], Gold Pearl Chain Necklace [Claire’s – $1], Black Lace Cami [Old Navy – $5], Vintage Black Gold Plated Belt [Mom’s Hand-Me-Downs], Black Tights [Target – $6], Black Peep Toe Patent Heels [KMart – $12]

CIMG3395With my favorite photographer, Kay. :)  Isn’t her top and bag adorable?



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Simple and Spooky

I haven’t been able to get many shoots lately, which is a pity to the outfits I come up with everyday, due to midterms and homecoming week planning.  It has finally cooled down here in Houston, from the nasty 90 degree humid weather to a breezy and perfect 75.  The first day of this weather, I decided to dress for the occasion.  Kay took some absolutely amazing shots, although I did get some weird looks from people.


Blue Shirt Dress [A’GACI – $12], Brown Tortoise Sunglasses [Forever 21 – $6], Gold Leaf Pearl Drop Earrings [H&M/Gift From Jen], Vintage Owl Belt [Mom’s Hand-Me-Downs], Gold Woven Sandals [Payless – $13]

CIMG3383That is completely natural sunlight, unedited photo right there.
CIMG3385Closeup of the Owl Belt.

That’s all for now chicas, it’s back to work for me. =/


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Rainy Rainy Days

It’s been really rainy in Houston the past few days – and with tests/general busy-ness for both my photographer and I, I just haven’t gotten around to updating.  While a true fashionista should break out some sick rainboots and cute umbrellas, I have been too occupied running around in heels from class to class and passing out on my books. :P  Though I was not going to upload this outfit post, Jen suggested that I do.  I figure I can’t leave y’all hanging, right? :)

So the post-that-was-not-going to be posted!  At my university there’s this annual tradition in which roommates set their roommates up on blind dates, and at  a certain time, everyone gets dressed up in cute costumes and meet at one place.  Typical examples include a plug and an outlet, PB&J – though there have been creative ones like Juno, Charlie the Unicorn, etc.  This year, my suitemate had me dressed up in black and white (though the consensus at the end of the night was that I embodied music).  She called it a very “Blair” Outfit – so here’s to that!

CIMG3236With a group of my friends outside our dorm.  CIMG3239With my date within a minute of finding him.

The night was super fun, since it was with an awesome group of people.  But back to fashion blogging. :)

gold pearl leaf earrings [H&M/Gift From Jen], gold owl necklace, [Forever 21 – $5], black lace cami [old navy – $5], white ruffle s/s blouse [5-7-9 – $3.50], black 3-buckle wide belt [5-7-9 – $5], black and white watercolor pencil skirt [H&M – $10], black and white bow peep toe kitten heels [payless – $7], sky blue snakeskin mini tote [express/gift]

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A Bit Floral, A Bit Red

I’ve been taking a lot of pictures with my sister this weekend, all of which I’ll upload eventually.  After yesterday’s excruciating long post, I’m a bit pooped out to say much, so I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves. :)



gray l/s open cardigan [forever 21 – $15], dark floral s/s tee [h&m – $5], red patent belt [a’gaci – came with dress],  black origami pencil skirt [charlotte russe – $8], silver stilettos [payless – $20], black & white silk striped scarf [china]


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