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My New Holey Tights :(

About two months ago, Jen bought me these lovely pair of side-ripped tights from Urban Outfitters.  The catch is, they only look side-ripped, but they’re perfectly intact.  When I put them on this morning, perhaps in a bit of a rush, I accidentally tore a huge hole in the side of one leg.  While I brainstormed ways to make it look uniformly distressed, I put on a pair of boots to cover the hole up.  Don’t you hate it when you ruin something you love wearing – especially when it’s the first time you’ve worn it?  I figured, the tear would be even LESS worth it if I didn’t at least get a picture in it.  I caught Kay on her way back to class and voila!


Maroon and Beige Pattern Sweater Vest [Heritage 1981 – $6], Black Asymmetric Tank [A’GACI – $3], Beige Shorts [KMart], Black Side-Ripped Tights [Urban Outfitters/Gift From Jen], Black Leather Riding Boots [Mom’s Hand-Me-Downs]

CIMG3425At least I finally learned how to play pool today. :)



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New Clothes, New Ways

The past couple of days have been fun but busy.  On Friday, I went to the Houston Galleria with some of my favorite girls, and I decided, why not try something refreshing and new?  I had bought this cardigan several weeks ago in the clearance section of NY & Company.  It was definitely a little big for me, but I thought, I’ll have to make it work somehow.  I gave it a go as a dress, how does it look? :)


Beige Piped Boyfriend Cardigan [NY & Company – $9], White Plastic Aviators [Claire’s – $o.50], Gold Pearl Drop Leaf Earrings [H&M/Gift From Jen], Gold Pearl Chain Necklace [Claire’s – $1], Black Lace Cami [Old Navy – $5], Vintage Black Gold Plated Belt [Mom’s Hand-Me-Downs], Black Tights [Target – $6], Black Peep Toe Patent Heels [KMart – $12]

CIMG3395With my favorite photographer, Kay. :)  Isn’t her top and bag adorable?


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New Photographer!

Dear Readers,

Sorry I’ve been so incredibly lame on updating.  With the transition back into college, school work, meeting new people – there just hasn’t been time to find someone to take pictures for me.  But none of that anymore!  One of my “tower neighbors” (because we’re the only suite on the 5th floor, therefore our only neighbors live below us), Kay, offered to take pictures for me!  She is just the sweetest girl ever, and shares my love for fashion! :)  Oh, not to mention that she has great photography skills too – of course, my sister Dora isn’t too bad either for her age. :D

Nevertheless, I present to you a long overdue outfit post.  I promise more of these, more frequently in the future.  Meanwhile, Jen’s Europe pictures look amazing, don’t they?  I’m still incredibly jealous she was touring beautiful cities while I was cracking down on work. :P

CIMG3202I look a bit silly in the face, but oh well. :)

CIMG3203My favorite picture that she took.

white bolero [wet seal – $3], yellow tank [delia*s/gift from jen], black origami pencil skirt [charlotte russe – $8], navy & white floral scarf [china], black patent peep toe slingbacks [kmart – $12], blue snakeskin mini tote [express/gift]

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Oh, how I would love a vacation!

I was talking to a close guy friend yesterday about all my issues, and it occured to me that I haven’t been further than 1 hour away from my house all summer (and that was to my parents’ friend’s house).  I’m about to move back in soon, but one last getaway would be pretty nice.
I said something to him yesterday that I thought I’d share with all of you.  I realize Jen and I tend to stray from fashion blogging a lot into personal blogging – but really, we’re all humans with our set of issues, and both fashion and blogging become this outlet to let it all out.

Maybe crushes aren’t just crushes.  Some crushes make us learn more about ourselves, and who we are, who we become in their presence.  Some crushes make us better ourselves as a person, to be good enough for them, not because they forced us, but because we want to.  Some crushes take away our innocence, they make us wake up and realize that in the real world, there are more than a couple of bumps along the way.  Some crushes are meant to make us fall, and fall hard, eventually begging to be freed from it all.  Some crushes are meant to save us, to remind us that there are more fish in the sea.  Most crushes, in fact, all but one, are just not meant to be.  It’s just a matter of whether we realize this sooner or later.

So besides that little tidbit that was on my mind for several hours, I planned an outfit that would at least make me feel on a vacation.  Here’s to going to Paris (oh, how I wish)!

CIMG2944I love these tights, can’t you tell?

CIMG2948sea green cropped cardigan [mom’s hand-me-downs], gray circle scarf [diy], peach paris street signs tank [urban outfitters – $5], khaki shorts [kmart], black rose burnout tights [urban outfitters – $5], orange pumps [payless – $10]

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Long Coveted Bandage Dress and Pleather Jacket

I’ve spent just about all summer craving a pleather biker jacket and a bandage dress.  When I got my hands on some good deals, I just had to get them.  Often times, I go back and look at my purchases and sort of heave a big sigh, because they’re one of those things you really want at the moment, but in retrospect, decide it’s not all that.  Anyway, I’ve made good use of my purchases and took some pictures for y’all.  The bandage dress is probably one of two things in my closet I feel like a sex kitten in, and albeit, I got it for a good price ($10!).  The pleather jacket, on the other hand, is $45 of cheap squeaky PVC that doesn’t even zip up past my boobs (go two sizes up if you’re ordering from an asian store/website).  Oh well, not like it really needs to be zipped past my boobs, and it does make me feel somewhat badass.


black faux leather biker jacket [yesstyle – $36], black and gray bandage dress [5-7-9 – $10], black patent peep toe heels [kmart – $12]

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