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A Little Bit Bold, and A Little Bit Lacy

I had just about the most amazing weekend.  I spent Friday night with the family, and caught up a whole bunch with my mom.  Saturday night, I actually had my first few drinks at college, since being here for more than a year.  My friend’s 21st birthday party was really great, and super classy, just like she wanted it to be. :)  After that, I danced it all off at another party.  Fun nights, and fun memories.  This morning, I woke up with a very mild hangover, but am super happy and functioning better than a usual rainy Sunday morning.  I concocted a weird outfit which is a cross between Blair Waldorf and Britney Spears’s Circus-inspired costumes.

CIMG3281Giving a little bit of attitude, of course.  I just got these red shorts in the mail last week and have been waiting forever to wear them.
CIMG3292Kay’s wonderful artistic eye for photography suggested an opening up of my favorite bubble umbrella shot. :)
CIMG3293A view of the back, not as awesome as the front, I’d say.

CIMG3291And a close up, a la Anthropologie spread (September 2009) without the guy.

clear bubble umbrella [target – $17], white ruffle s/s blouse [5-7-9 – $3.50], black pinstripe suspender vest [rainbow – $11], red shorts [wetseal – $5], black burnout floral lace tights [urban outfitters – $5], black faux suede ankle boots  [mandee – $12], red/gold heart ring [forever 21 – $4]



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Girls Night Out!

So, I’ve been a total lamebutt and dying to post an actual fashion post instead of a…this is my life, and this just happened to be the outfit I wore that day kind of post (see previous post). :P
Tonight, I went with couple of the girls in my dorm for dinner, frozen yogurt, and of course, some shopping!  We did a mini Secret Santa for each other…and got each other little gifts under $10 within the two hours we spent shopping.  There was some speed shopping involved. ;)
I ended up buying a beige/white piped boyfriend cardigan from New York & Company for myself, and burnt red braided flipflops from Urban Outfitters for my friend Kelle.  From my friend (though most of you recognize her as my college photographer) Kay, I received this Christmas plaid s/s open cardigan from Urban Outfitters.  I swear it’s pretty unique. :)  Nevertheless, some pictures from today!  Pictures that were taken to be actual fashion shots! :D


CIMG3271I tried to get some cool jumping shots for y’all…but I’m sort of a fail at those.  Next time, I promise, the trampoline will do the trick. :)

CIMG3274And with some of my favorite girls – Kay (first time the photographer’s in photos!), Kelle, Me, and Laura.

white rib tank [wetseal – $4], yellow crochet tunic (worn as dress/jumper) [mandee – $7], siena braided belt [mom’s hand-me-downs], magenta long summer scarf [ny&company – $6], orange quilted chain purse [target – $6], gold woven sandals [payless – $13]


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Dear Clothes…

You are so much more than just a piece of fabric that I choose to keep me decent and warm everyday.  This weekend, I learned that you pretty much make me who I am.  One day, I’ll reject you, but the next, you might just be the one I’m looking for.  That’s the weird kind of relationship we have.  It’s sad to say that you’ve taken up such a big part of my life, but with all the money, thought, and selection I’ve gone through with you – it’s fair to say that you’re one of the most important things to me.  You’re my second skin – rip you away from me, and I’d be better off half dead.

In the past few days, I realized how stingy I can be with my clothes.  Now, I’m the type of person that’ll share pretty much anything with anyone, especially my close friends.  When my suitemate asked to borrow some stuff for a party, I, of course, initially had no issues lending it to her.  But as I thought about it more and more, I just felt so much less of an individual.  My wardrobe is me…bits and pieces of me.  Each item has memor(ies) associated with it, and when seen on another person, it no longer feels as if I own them.  Perhaps I’m completely overreacting, but any of you fashionistas out there feel the same way?

But, I got it all solved.  I tried to come off as not bitchy as possible, and of course, her being the understanding friend she is, took it all rather well.  I’m glad we’re able to have this kind of friendship.  Now, for some pieces of “individuality” (although I admit, not too much thought went into this outfit), here’s some pictures for y’all.



brown boyfriend cardigan [mandee – $9], cream embroidered tank [wetseal – $5], brown braided belt [wetseal – $7.50], olive green corduroy shorts [walmart – $5], brown hemp charm necklace [claire’s – $1], hunter green mary jane heels [payless – $10]

P.S.  Jen’ll probably kill me for posting this…but here’s a fun fact on the topic of individuality.  Back in 8th grade, she had started sketching her own (short-lived) fashion line by the name of individuality. :)

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My Last Day Of Work!

Well, for now.  I might go back Thanksgiving/Winter Break for some money. :)  It was definitely sad leaving a place I worked at and made and lost friends over the past 4 months, well mostly made.  I haven’t done one of these in a while, and I’ll definitely have to make up posting, since Jen will be in Europe until the 27th.  Hopefully, she can update y’all with beautiful photos. :)

I put this outfit together as something crazy and fashion forward.  I have yet to muster up the guts to wear this in public one day.  Actually, I don’t know where in public this outfit would be acceptable and not draw weird looks. :P


magenta scarf [ny&company – $6], mustard ruffle dress [wet seal – $5], rampage black tulle skirt [macy*s – $12], black 3-buckle wide belt [5-7-9 – $5], black ankle boots [mandee – $11], vintage pearls [borrowed from mom], kenneth cole reaction black sunglasses [tjmaxx – $10]


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Sometimes, a beginning feels like an ending.

I’m going to get a little personal with you readers here.  This past year, I’ve sort of been in a relationship rut.  Lots of bad things happened early on in college that made me lose faith in guys, lose faith in love, and pretty much lose faith in myself.  It took me a really long time to get over all of it, and this guy I met at work this summer helped me, in the most unexpected way.  Anyway, I just came back from a date with him, and it went beautifully.  I just can’t help but feel sad that we have to say goodbye like this.  We’re of two separate worlds, leading two separate lives.  Thus, a beginning of something good felt like an end.

With that said, here’s an outfit that might express my mood a bit (I did not wear it on the date!):


black zip back mesh tunic [urban outfitters – $5], silver heart locket [things remembered/gift from roommate], black 3-buckle wide belt [5-7-9 – $5], black burnout rose tights [urban outfitters – $5], black ankle boots [mandee – $11]

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Colors Galore!

So…I backed out my original plan of visiting my college friends today and instead spent a day in front of this laptop, that is, when I wasn’t taking pictures with my sister. :P  Here’s the results:



Let’s ignore the fact that my sister almost shot up my skirt. :P

blue short trench [rainbow – $5], white sheer ruffle blouse [5-7-9 – $3.50], yellow geometric belt [5-7-9 – $5], brown eyelet mini skirt [mandee – $6], silver and pink jeweled necklace [china], orange pumps [payless – $10]

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1970s Vintage

First off, a little congratulations to Jenny for being on weardrobe‘s featured!  She’s probably shaking her head in embarrassment as she reads this.  We both thought it was funny – marc jacobs cardigan, zara sandals, stolen kimono belt?  I again, have work today which means boring clothes, so here’s an outfit from the other day.



brown tortoise sunglasses [forever 21 – $6], silver flower necklace [china], white flower hair clips (worn as an extension of necklace) [mandee  – $1.50], blue patent belt [rainbow – came with jacket], green pinstripe vintage dress [mom’s hand-me-downs] , tan buckle heels [payless – $10]

I promise a non-outfit post soon! :)

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