Beautiful November Day.

it’s finally thanksgiving break! it’s amazing being home and taking a break from college. there’s been way too much drama lately (thanks a lot, boys :P) and too much work. i still have a sore throat but it’s getting better. hopefully i’ll be better by thanksgiving.

these pictures were from an photoshoot expedition that i went on the other day with my friend Monisha. we’re pretty big camera whores (she’s a better poser than i am). it’s always fun having these photoshoots since when we usually see each other we’re sitting in class.

(sweater forever 21, dress from europe, tights hue, ruffle flats payless)

with love and coughs, jen



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12 responses to “Beautiful November Day.

  1. Love that dress! I hope you feel better soon! – Natalya of Wear Necessities

  2. lovely photos and such a cute outfit! do you want to exchange links? let me know :)

    ♥ Hannah



  3. your dress is absolutely adorable!!

  4. You look so cute and comfortable! That outfit is adorable.

  5. Love the simplicity, very cute outfit :)

  6. wow love your outfit so much! Simple but cheeky :))

  7. qin

    vEry comfy & chic outfit <3

  8. Heya . Thx for ur nice comment at my blog !
    U look sooooo much like one of my fren . At first I thought that my friend made a blog . Ahhahha
    I love ur simple outfit too .
    The skirt is very cute :D

    Hope u had fun at the exhibition !

    Mind following me ?
    I’ll follow u back :D

  9. Hey! LOVE your blog. Thanks for the comment a while back. I hope you feel better soon!!! It is not fun to be sick. :(


  10. MJ

    You look so pretty, and the jumper looks all casual and cozy! :)

  11. that patterned dress is gorgeous, and there’s nothing more classic and chic than black tights and black flats.

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