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Finally 19

It doesn’t feel that different being 19 (especially since i kept on forgetting if i was 18 or 19 for the past few months haha). My birthday has been amazing so far and I’m so grateful for all of the amazing friends i have. I love surprises and can’t get enough of them :D
(top free people, vest urban outfitters, jeans delia’s, ruffle flats payless, jacket american rag )

until next time, jen



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Beautiful November Day.

it’s finally thanksgiving break! it’s amazing being home and taking a break from college. there’s been way too much drama lately (thanks a lot, boys :P) and too much work. i still have a sore throat but it’s getting better. hopefully i’ll be better by thanksgiving.

these pictures were from an photoshoot expedition that i went on the other day with my friend Monisha. we’re pretty big camera whores (she’s a better poser than i am). it’s always fun having these photoshoots since when we usually see each other we’re sitting in class.

(sweater forever 21, dress from europe, tights hue, ruffle flats payless)

with love and coughs, jen


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Sore Throat.

I’m still in love with my giant blue scarf, but I decided to wear it around my neck this time rather than as a cardigan. I tucked it into my belt to keep it in place (and to show off the buckle). :) The warmth around my neck is also helping since I have a sore throat. Mucinex is my best friend for the next day or two.

(blue scarf mexx, l/s shirt heritage 1981, belt italy, skirt metropark, tights hue, flats payless)

lots of love and mucinex, jen :)


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the title speaks for itself. but besides that little bit of news, the other day the weather was looking peculiarly nice for winter weather so i went on a photo shoot with robin who is an awesome outfit photographer :) i got this new dress from urban and i was dying to wear it for a while. i love photo shoot days; it means i won’t have to take an awkward self-portrait in front of my roommate’s closet curtain.




( dress urban outfitters, belt hang ten, tights forever 21, shoes blowfish)

until next time, jen


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051i’m in love with these mustard tights. it’s hard to match them with an outfit but i love them nevertheless.

i just got back from a weekend retreat this past weekend and it was a ton of fun. i met a lot of awesome people and bonded more with my fellow rutgers people :)

(jacket pacsun, dress/tunic forever 21, tights forever 21, flats blowfish)


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This is Halloween

so i have to admit that my halloween (and my mischief night) was full of non-stop drama, but regardless of all that i had a great time dressing up and hanging out with my friends. ¬†(at least i think i did since i don’t really remember most of it…;) )

on halloween night i dressed up as meeko (the raccoon from pocahontas) and my friend patrick dressed up as flit (the hummingbird). unfortunately we didn’t have a pocahontas but it was awesome anyway.

087the size ratio isn’t quite right :P he’s an adorable flit, isn’t he? you can see my tail in the photo below (my favorite part of the costume).
119 086133

I hope you guys all had fabulous Halloweens as well. What’d you guys dress up as? (I’d love pictures!) :)

Until Next Time, Jen


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A Little Bit Classy

Yesterday the birthday of one of my best friends.
269I decided to dress up a little to celebrate.

(blazer macy’s, shirt urban outfitters, jeans delia’s, shoes blowfish)

Happy Birthday, Robin.


p.s. Happy Halloween to all of our Readers! Have a safe night out tonight and look forward to Costume Pictures! ;)


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