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A Little Bit Classy

Yesterday the birthday of one of my best friends.
269I decided to dress up a little to celebrate.

(blazer macy’s, shirt urban outfitters, jeans delia’s, shoes blowfish)

Happy Birthday, Robin.


p.s. Happy Halloween to all of our Readers! Have a safe night out tonight and look forward to Costume Pictures! ;)



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My New Holey Tights :(

About two months ago, Jen bought me these lovely pair of side-ripped tights from Urban Outfitters.  The catch is, they only look side-ripped, but they’re perfectly intact.  When I put them on this morning, perhaps in a bit of a rush, I accidentally tore a huge hole in the side of one leg.  While I brainstormed ways to make it look uniformly distressed, I put on a pair of boots to cover the hole up.  Don’t you hate it when you ruin something you love wearing – especially when it’s the first time you’ve worn it?  I figured, the tear would be even LESS worth it if I didn’t at least get a picture in it.  I caught Kay on her way back to class and voila!


Maroon and Beige Pattern Sweater Vest [Heritage 1981 – $6], Black Asymmetric Tank [A’GACI – $3], Beige Shorts [KMart], Black Side-Ripped Tights [Urban Outfitters/Gift From Jen], Black Leather Riding Boots [Mom’s Hand-Me-Downs]

CIMG3425At least I finally learned how to play pool today. :)


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These are a Few of my Favorite Things

i just realized…i have two huge loads of laundry washing in the basement and i still have enough clothes in my room to wear a different outfit for at least two months. i really want to donate some to charity but i’m one of those people that can’t bear to part with anything. i still have all my homework assignments from elementary school and middle school stashed in my basement at home! i mean really, when am i going to ever need those ever again, let alone look at them?
023this was one of my comfy outfits. the only problem with it, was the excessive amount of wind that day lifting up my flimsy skirt. whoops :P i love these tights that i got a few weeks ago. the color is gorgeous as well as the pattern. Elaine from Clothed Much actually has these tights too!
029030shown above are some of my all time favorite things: my bird necklace (great memories) and these flats from blowfish. i’m pretty sure these flats are worn out to the point where i need new ones, but i can’t part with them. they’re just too comfy and perfect. <3

(jacket pacsun, shirt wet seal, skirt wet seal, belt wet seal, tights forever 21, shoes blowfish, necklace forever 21)

love always, jen


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New Clothes, New Ways

The past couple of days have been fun but busy.  On Friday, I went to the Houston Galleria with some of my favorite girls, and I decided, why not try something refreshing and new?  I had bought this cardigan several weeks ago in the clearance section of NY & Company.  It was definitely a little big for me, but I thought, I’ll have to make it work somehow.  I gave it a go as a dress, how does it look? :)


Beige Piped Boyfriend Cardigan [NY & Company – $9], White Plastic Aviators [Claire’s – $o.50], Gold Pearl Drop Leaf Earrings [H&M/Gift From Jen], Gold Pearl Chain Necklace [Claire’s – $1], Black Lace Cami [Old Navy – $5], Vintage Black Gold Plated Belt [Mom’s Hand-Me-Downs], Black Tights [Target – $6], Black Peep Toe Patent Heels [KMart – $12]

CIMG3395With my favorite photographer, Kay. :)  Isn’t her top and bag adorable?


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It’s Summer. Wait, What?

So for the past few days it’s been ridiculously rainy, windy, and cold. The weather has been in the 40s and I’ve been piling on layer after layer. All of a sudden, starting yesterday, it’s been warm…up to the 70s.  i mean, i’m not going to complain as long as the weather stays this nice.

wait, i just checked the weather. it’s back down to the 50s and it’s rainy today. ohh bipolar weather, stop messing with my emotions :(

003my large, blue, ruffle mexx scarf is the love of my life. you guys saw it before in my prague post but i found a new way to wear it…as a cardigan! :) it’s cozy and warm and humongous that i never want to take it off. most of my friends at college are guys and they’re all like “what is that thing? it’s fucking huge!?” but i love it nevertheless.
yay for awkward self-portraits in my dorm room. you can see my closet to the right of the picture. i keep my room messy, just the way i like it. until next time! hopefully the weather will be a little more under control. :)

(scarf mexx, tank top american apparel, belt wet seal, jeans delia’s, shoes urban outfitters)

– jen


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Simple and Spooky

I haven’t been able to get many shoots lately, which is a pity to the outfits I come up with everyday, due to midterms and homecoming week planning.  It has finally cooled down here in Houston, from the nasty 90 degree humid weather to a breezy and perfect 75.  The first day of this weather, I decided to dress for the occasion.  Kay took some absolutely amazing shots, although I did get some weird looks from people.


Blue Shirt Dress [A’GACI – $12], Brown Tortoise Sunglasses [Forever 21 – $6], Gold Leaf Pearl Drop Earrings [H&M/Gift From Jen], Vintage Owl Belt [Mom’s Hand-Me-Downs], Gold Woven Sandals [Payless – $13]

CIMG3383That is completely natural sunlight, unedited photo right there.
CIMG3385Closeup of the Owl Belt.

That’s all for now chicas, it’s back to work for me. =/


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Goodbye, Autumn.

i’m up way later than i should be studying for an exam in a subject i have no particular interest in. i love college.

the weather is getting really rainy and really cold really fast. i feel like we’re skipping over autumn and going straight into winter. it’s time to start layering and bringing my winter clothes to college. i’m already out of room in my closet and drawers. time to start piling clothes on the floor!


(Plaid Shirt Wet Seal, Red L/S A&F, Jeans Delia*s, White Pashmina, Moccassins Minnetonka)


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