Finally 19

It doesn’t feel that different being 19 (especially since i kept on forgetting if i was 18 or 19 for the past few months haha). My birthday has been amazing so far and I’m so grateful for all of the amazing friends i have. I love surprises and can’t get enough of them :D
(top free people, vest urban outfitters, jeans delia’s, ruffle flats payless, jacket american rag )

until next time, jen



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9 responses to “Finally 19

  1. Oh, to be 19, again! I pretend I’m only 23. :) hehe
    Enjoy it while you can!

  2. You look great!! Happy birthday!!!!!!

  3. Happy birthday!!! Hope you had a fabulous day :)

  4. HAPPY BDAY!!! Your blog rocks! – Natalya of Wear Necessities

  5. happy 19! :)

    love ur winter comfy combo

  6. You look stunning! Happy birthday !!! : ) XX

  7. glad you had a nice bday !
    happy bday by the way !
    love ur striped tuniccc .

    thanks for your comment at my blog :D
    i loveddd this postt !
    enter my scarf giveaway handmade by myself here

  8. MJ

    Well so far, 19’s been the best year of my life, so good luck! I love the cut on your coat, it’s so cute!

  9. qin

    Happy birthday :) Lovely coat!

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